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These photos are taken with my amazing 6" APO refractor from Astro-Physis. The camera is similarly amazing. It is the U16M from Apogee with Gen II Astrodon H-Alpha, LRGB filters.

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Rosette Nebula in H-alpha and RGBHorsehead and Flame NebulaeMoon_at_Perigee_Mar20_2011M106 - Galaxy in Canes VenaticiM95_M96M51_LLRGB_bigM51_LRGB_AP155_U16M_bigM13 Globular Cluster in HerculesM13_RGB RepriseM13_LRGB_May2012_bigM52_Bubble_LLRGB_BigM31_LRGB_AP155_U16M_big_labcolourboostSh2-132_HaGB_bigLBN468_Iris_LRGB_bigSh2-137_HaRGB_bigMarkarians_Chain_LRGB_bigSh2-73_LRGB_webM101_LRGB_V1_BigM108_Owl_LRGB_big3M81_M82_LRGB

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Robert McFarlane(non-registered)
Fabulous images Stuart. I'm especially taken with your Astro shots, a field I've often wanted to enter...perhaps some day.
Outstanding detail and colours!!!
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