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Tulip_Nebula_HaRGBPacman Nebula in CassiopeiaM2 - Globular Cluster in AquariusNGC891 - Spiral Galaxy in AndromedaPelican Nebula in CygnusThe Wizard Nebula in CepheusLagoon Nebula in SagittariusSh2_72 - Emission Nebula in AquilaThe Butterfly Nebula in CygnusThe Bubble Nebula in CassiopeiaIC342 - Spiral Galaxy in CamelopardalisIC410 aka The Tadpoles Nebula in HaRGBM13 - The Hercules Globular Clusterngc281_LRGB_PW_U16M_Sept2018Rosette_LRGB_PW_U16M_Jan2019M27_HaLRGB_U16M_PW_Sept2018Gamma CassiopeiaNGC7640 - Spiral Galaxy in AndromedaThe Iris NebulaNGC6888 in LRGB Ha OIII

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